Leah Fot, Charlotte Lauber,
Tobi Malcharzik, Cäcilia Wosnitzka:
Funken bis Uranus

Attempts to resolve a gravity

2021 narratinghistory outdoor
External venue
Starting point: aRaum, Am Dobben 131
Ending point: Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Am Wall 209

Even before the term homosexuality was used in German, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs from Hanover chose the self-designation ›Urning‹ to describe forms of desire and modes of existence apart from a heteronormative gender system. In the heart of the Viertel, Leah Fot, Charlotte Lauber, Tobi Malcharzik, and Cäcilia Wosnitzka enter the orbits of the Ulrichsplatz to bring the apparently historical ›Uranism‹ to the present. With a space and sound walk, they invite the participants to move about in the here and now and search for a place where heteronormative gravity loses its pull. A place far away from earthly categorizations and gender binarity of which the philosopher and theorist Paul B. Preciado dreams. A planet of ice, methane and ammonia. A place like Uranus.

Leah Fot, Charlotte Lauber, Tobi Malcharzik and Cäcilia Wosnitzka share an interest in performative arts, queer politics and local (hi)stories, as well as a passion for sound and the dancefloor. Based in Hanover and inspired by the queer-feminist DJ and club collective soft spot, they also join together with accomplices in the region of Lower Saxony, for example, in the frame of the MULTITUDE Festival Hanover or the solo performance ›Comeback‹ that was presented at the Schwankhalle last year. With ›Funken bis Uranus‹, created during a residency at Pavillon Hannover, they probe working together artistically and performatively in this constellation for the first time.

BY & WITH Leah Fot, Charlotte Lauber, Tobi Malcharzik, Cäcilia Wosnitzka
DRAMATURGY & SUPPORT Sashx Bürger, (mohammad) adika rahman

The project is created in the framework of MULTITUDE - Festival for Feminist and Intersectional Solidarity (Theater im Pavillon, Hannover).