30 Jahre
queerfilm festival Bremen

With panel discussion & DJ sets

2023 Birthday Party
Entry on a donation basis (recommended: 3-5 €)

In the Neuer Saal there will be DJ sets and loud music. There are no seats in the hall, but there is the possibility to sit on the grandstand.
Please contact our evening staff or the Queerfilm team if you need another place to sit.
In the Old Hall there will be the possibility to relax and talk, the hall is chaired and there are other seating options.
You can enter and leave the halls at any time during the event.
There is an accessible restroom.
More information about the accessibility of our venues can be found here ↗. If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket@schwankhalle.de or 0421 520 80 70.

Thequeerfilm festival Bremen ↗ would like to celebrate its 30th anniversary with you! An invitation to dance together, hang around, chat, cuddle, keep silent, dress up, dress comfy, and feel good! In short: To simply celebrate a nice, queer, empowering birthday together.

The panel discussion in the early evening will look back on 30 years of the queerfilm festival. Afterwards, the team invites the audience to a champagne reception, followed by a party with wild karaoke and queer DJs.

The evening is by queers and for queers and friends, please be aware of this and respect each other! You can contact the awareness team if you need it.

Funded by the Senator for Culture and the Senator for Social Affairs