Performative city tour

2021 audiowalk Freie Szene Bremen
Available until SUN April 25
Tours are accessible for wheelchairs. Have some paper, pen and chalk with you.

In the project ›Practical_Spell‹, the queer-feminist performance collective b/witch* deals with language as a medium of power relations. Language inscribes itself—in bodies, cities, street names, bridges, squares, modes of assembly. After a two-week residency at the Schwankhalle, b/w*itch invites us to digital and analog SPELL_Walks. In performative city tours, we can follow their tracks and encounter projections of words and word fragments, performative interventions that intersect with the tour, and listen to queer speech activism. ›Practical_Spell‹ makes reference to unheard-of squares, with FLINTA* guiding us securely through the streets and bewitching familiar perspectives.

How does it work?

On Saturday, April 10, from 2-5 p.m., tour tickets can be collected at the Schwankhalle (courtyard/Peter-Zadek-Platz). The tickets have a QR code with additional content that can be accessed via smartphone. You can go on the tour alone or in a corona-compatible group.

At 8 p.m., b/witch* invites the participants to a debriefing and exchange via Zoom. A smartphone and headphones are needed to participate. Registration until April 10, 7 pm at: anmeldung@schwankhalle.de (An email without text is sufficient, you will receive an automatic reply).


A project by: Kattalin Newiger Mitxelena, Anngret Schultze, Esther Adam, Katharina M. Greeven, Raffaela Pastore, Dinah Büchner

In collaboration with Virgil B/G Taylor.
Funded by the Senator for culture and the Feministische Referat Bremen.