Care Matters 2 –
Wie wollen wir sorgen, pflegen, erziehen?

Science, Poetry, Spoken Word in Kooperation mit der Arbeitnehmerkammer

2021 criticalentertainment carematters

With Connie Fauck, Valentin Herfurth, Alina Sprenger, Dr. Jennie Auffenberg, Dr. Marion Salot and other guests

Free admission

Whether in the hospital or retirement home, in the day nursery or at home, whether paid or unpaid: the societal value of care work is enormous. The conditions under which it is performed are usually anything but easy. And the pay and appreciation are most certainly improvable. With ›Care Matters 2‹, the Chamber of Employees would like to draw attention to this situation and give the many care workers out there the opportunity to raise their voices. On stage are caregivers, preschool teachers, people from the field of science, as well as parents and children privately caring for their own family. There will be reading, screaming, whispering, and maybe also rapping and dancing. An evening featuring the variegated perspectives on the situation of caregivers, followed by a discussion with the guests and the audience on what must be changed.

An event of the Bremen Chamber of Employees in cooperation with the Schwankhalle.