Care Matters.
Wie wollen wir sorgen, pflegen, erziehen?

Radio show by Schwankhalle and Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen

2021 Radioshow carematters
Duration 90 Min.
In German language

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Host: Katharina Guleikoff
Guests: Dr. Jennie Auffenberg (advisor for health and care policies, Chamber of Employees Bremen), Dr. Sonja Bastin (sociologist at the University of Bremen and slammer), Valentin Herfurth (nurse and slammer), Dr. Marion Salot (advidor for economic and equality policies, Chamber of Employees Bremen), Francis Seeck (cultural anthropologist, gender researcher, anti-discrimination trainer), Swoosh Lieu (feminist performance collective)

The sociopolitical relevance of care work is enormous. The circumstances under which it is performed stand in stark contrast to this, for we are still miles away from appropriately acknowledging and fairly remunerating care work. With guests from the areas of art, politics, nursing, and science, the Schwankhalle and the Chamber of Employees Bremen would like to address this situation from different perspectives and talk about what needs to be changed. What does care work actually mean and who performs it? What impact do categories such as class and gender have on the distribution of paid and unpaid labor—in the professional and private world? And how can grievances in the care professions finally be addressed in a concrete way?

The live radio show brings together discursive and artistic contributions by the feminist performance collective Swoosh Lieu (Berlin), the cultural anthropologist and gender researcher Francis Seeck (Berlin), the nurse and slammer Valentin Herfurth (Berlin), the sociologist Dr. Sonja Bastin (University of Bremen), and the experts on care and equality policy at the Chamber of Employees Bremen, Dr. Jennie Auffenberg and Dr. Marion Salot. Listeners are cordially invited to participate in the live chat with questions and suggestions.

A recording of the radio show will be made available for listeners from WED 5/5 - SUN 5/16.

The radio play ›Who Cares?! – Eine vielstimmige Personalversammlung der Sorgetragenden‹ by Swoosh Lieu is available free of charge from SAT 5/1 to SUN 5/16 and on demand at

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