Doris Weinberger, Katrin Bretschneider:


2021 Residence takecare

›ANTZ!‹ is a performative research project concerned with the analogy of humans and ants. The focus is on concepts such as collective intelligence, self-organizing communities and ant algorithms. With the utopian powers of art and science, we project fictions and superficial knowledge and pose questions to society, the system and the state: When and why do ants count as an ideal and when as a nightmare? In 2018 Katrin Bretschneider and Doris Weinberger developed the lecture performance ANTZ! at the Schwankhalle. In the frame of the #TakeCare Residenz, Doris Weinberger and Katrin Bretschneider will further develop the piece. On the one hand, based on the experiences made in times of corona, they pose new questions regarding solidarity, altruism and the distribution of power through alternative employment models. On the other, a “corona-compatible” outdoor version will be produced. What does it mean for the piece when it is performed in nature?

Katrin Bretschneider (*1973) has been working professionally on theater and performance formats, interventions and participatory concepts in alternating constellations. She operates both in art spaces and at the intersections of science, education and everyday life. Shared real-time experience and the concept of theater as a place of gathering are fundamental for her work. Her pieces are created based on the principle of “devising.” She works as a lecturer in the field of education and advanced education with a focus on performance and biographical theater, and as a theater pedagogue. From 2014-2018 she was a board member of LAFT Bremen. She studied applied cultural science and theater studies (diploma) at the Universities of Giessen and Hildesheim as well as Dartington College of Arts, UK.

Doris Weinberger (*1971) works in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner at the intersections of various media formats and performance. She is interested in representation and projection mechanisms in the production of hegemonic image worlds and (linguistic) structures, in particular the intersubjectivity of cultural communication and its interacting tools of message, medium, staging, and meaning. Productions: 2015-2018 cooperation with Junges Theater Bremen, 2017 production management for Remote Bremen/Rimini Protokoll, cooperation with Rimini Apparat, Marita Landgraf, Künstlerhaus Bremen e.V., and Theater Bremen GmbH, 2013 and 2016 Symposión, Show, Schaulust, Bremen, and screening/book launch, GAK Bremen. From 2004-2010, studies of fine art at the University of the Arts Bremen and study stay at the MSA University Cairo, Egypt.

The Schwankhalle is one of the residence venues of the national network flausen+ which was initiated by the theater wrede + in Oldenburg. For the funding program #TakeCareResidenzen, flausen+ cooperates with the Fonds Darstellende Künste. 29 theaters from almost all federal states support 350 artists as partners of the Fonds Darstellende Künste with the funds of #TakeCareResidenzen. By means of the program Schwankhalle supports 8 projects by 12 artists.
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