Farewell without end

Farewell - Party

2022 ciao tschüssi
Free entry
(Concert Mandhla 10 Euro)

We leave, the Schwankhalle remains. With mixed feelings, we celebrate 5 + 2 in every respect very special years. Between cocktails and cake, DJ sets and a spectacular farewell concert by Mandhla, we once again bring together our artistic fellow travelers, friends, neighbors, regular and random audiences. We jointly traverse the glossary of bidding farewell—from calling it quits, to clearing out and uncorking, to digesting. We will celebrate on Peter-Zadek-Platz, hang out on the Deich, dance, listen and watch in the old and new hall. A fest without end! For when we eventually go home with legs tired from dancing and one or the other memento in our hearts and/or pockets, a new chapter of the Schwankhalle will soon begin.

With: b/witch*, Bretschneider/Weinberger, KLANK, Jan van Hasselt & Harald Thielsch, Johanna Pätzold, Markus&Markus Theaterkollektiv, Mobile Albania, Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften, TanzKollektivBremen, Tremendo Parche Latino.

Moderation: Simone Ehlen

Conzcrt & DJ Sets: Mandhla, Komplize, Llyphon, MWA, Kriz

Also: #declutter lottery, pop-up hair salon by Zweistühle, food truck by Simple Burger, cocktail bar by Lugger, Coffee-Bike & Silent Disco.


from 3 pm

declutter: Lottery Everything out! We clear out, you win! Every draw is a hit. You don‘t have to search for the lottery, the lottery will find you.

from 3 pm #depart: MOBILE ALBANIA ›Ein Roadmovie‹ Film installation
In May, the theater collective Mobile Albania embarked on a journey along the borders of Bremen and filmed a road movie. The result is a portrait of the city from its edges. The crew bus makes a last stop with a cinema screening of the road movie in the Loop.
In cooperation with the Schwankhalle. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of #TakePart.

3-5 pm

moveout: B/WITCH* ›PRACTICAL_SPELL‹ Performative Neighbourhood Walks

The queerfeminist collective b/witch is exploring language as a medium of power relations. On audio-performative guided SPELL_Walks ›PRACTICAL_SPELL‹ points to unheard places, guides FLINTA safely through the streets and bewitches familiar perspectives. A smartphone with internet access and headphones are required for participation.

In collaboration with Virgil B/G Taylor. Supported by the Senator for Culture and the Feminist Department Bremen.

In German and English spoken language. The route is wheelchair accessible.

3.15 + 5.10 pm


An invitation to digest audio delicacies brought back by the Syndikat from its research trips on the subject of meat. With snippets of interviews at the grill, in the barn, on the assembly line, on the high seat, in the lab or in the sausage kitchen.

3.30 + 4.30 pm

stop with JOHANNA PÄTZOLD Cycling theatre

As a cycling narrator, puppeteer Johanna Pätzold brings the story of a king with an teeny-tiny kingdom. His carriage is a bicycle and his court band the nightingales in the hedges. A modern fairy tale with a bicycle bell concert!

3.45 pm

return: JAN VAN HASSELT & HARALD THIELSCH ›Stöcke aus wuchsholzfreien Zonen‹ Performance

Florian introduced Harald and Jan to each other. Since then, they have been exchanging stories, texts, music, and sticks from growth-free zones. Because both have collected too much, the things must now somehow be returned to the world. A performance of a ritualistic return.

4 pm

givein: BRETSCHNEIDER//WEINBERGER ›ANTZ!‹ Audio performance

Sitting on white gymnastic balls, we are sent on a mental journey. A group meditation in the green that negotiates analogies of humans and ants. The focus lies on the relationship between individual and community, as well as concepts such as swarm intelligence, superorganism and ant algorithm. Der Veranstaltungsort ist nicht rollstuhlgerecht und liegt auf unebenem Gelände.

from 4pm

makeover: Zweistühle Pop-up Hair Salon

A change is only truly complete when you can recognize it from one‘ s hairstyling. Hauke Füllgraf (Zweistühle) makes the collective spirit of departure visible.

4-9 pm

transform with CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv Drag Salon

Glitter beard, full lips, pink cheekbones, natural hair moustache, nail polish, sparkling eyes or simply damn good contouring. At the Drag Salon you can play around with your faces, transform and create your very own farewell party look. From 4pm to 6pm with personalized consultation, from 6pm to 2pm DIY with makeup tutorials.

from 4 pm

listenup: SILENT DISCO

Enjoy some tunes and dance as far as the airwaves will take you! Dancing might as well be: Rocking your big toe while eating a piece of cake. Or lying in the grass and blinking rhythmically into the sun.

5.30 pm

dismantle - #dissolve with KLANK Audio-visual Contribution

KLANK works up the long-lasting cooperation with the Schwankhalle as an audio-visual contribution. Obviously with an appropriately sentimental attitude, given the circumstances.

6 pm


A choreographic research on the topic of farewell, based on a video about Tomas Bünger‘s grandmother Grete. What memories do people create in our bodies? And how does one make a new beginning that does not fade out the past?

6.20 pm

uncork with MARKUS&MARKUS THEATERKOLLEKTIV Tragedy ›Dear Schwankhalle, it had started so beautifully, but then something broke. Today is the day, we say: We are sorry. Your Markus&Markus Theaterkollektiv‹

6.40 pm

dissolve & #rebuild with TREMENDO PARCHE LATINO Performance

The mythical figures Nene del Solar and Crazed Jaguar make words and sounds melt. With various electronic artifacts, they dissolve Spanish and German poems into their individual components in order to rebuild them into new structures and narratives.
In German, English and Spanish spoken language

7 pm

finish SUNDOWNER and Farewell words at the Deich

Uh, the sun doesn‘t set at 7 pm, does it? Yes, it does today – at least symbolically. A farewell aperitif to wash down the lump in your throat.

8 pm

switch DJ SET: KOMPLIZE TUCKI (Queer Pop, Rap)

9 pm

bow MANDHLA Concert-Performance

In Mandhla‘s shows, experimental R&B and soul sounds meet video projection and voguing performance. The 24-year-old, trans-feminine multimedia artist takes her audience into a world of beauty and radiates Black Femme power.

from 10 pm

danceoff DJ SETS

MWA (Afrohouse, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Soca)
KRIZ (Zucker)
LLYPHON (Bass, Jersey Club, Tek)