film:art 89:
queer ecology

curated and commented by Christine Rüffert

2021 Nature Film
Within the scope of the thematic focus Bzw. NATUR

External location: kukoon im Park, Neustadtswallanlagen/Leibnizplatzpark

Free admission. Donations welcome.

Queer Ecology challenges the normative understanding of nature, biology and sexuality. The aim is to depart from anthropocentrism that places man as a unique, dominant species in opposition to non-human beings. Generalizations and contrastive juxtapositions of humans and animals, culture and nature, are rejected in favor of the idea that all living beings in their diversity have the same right to exist and are connected with each other. The films convey unusual perspectives in non-human nature by looking for traces of queer forms of life in the animal world, by staging fantasies of cross-species communication and symbiosis, or by artistically illustrating the environmental propositions of the Institute for Queer Ecology that advocates a collaborative form of survival.

The Films:

› The Institute of Queer Ecology | Metamorphosis: grub economy | CAN 14:28 min
commissioned by
› Angela Christlieb & Martin Siewert | t.r.3.o.p.s. | AT 2016 | 4:00 min
› Katrina Daschner | PERLENMEERE | AT 2016 | stumm | 9:00 min
› Tuomas A. Laitinen | Haemocyanin | FIN 2019 | 8:03 min
› Katrina Daschner | POWDER PLACENTA | AT 2015 | 9:00 min
› Ann Oren | Passage | D 2020 | 12:00 min

Christine Rüffert is a film curator. Commissioned by the Senator of Culture, she worked in the management team of the Kommunalkino (1990 - 2007) and has been coordinating the cooperation between research in film studies and cultural institutions since 2009. Her focus is on experimental and queer cinema. Since 1992 she has been organizing the experimental film forum film:art, in 1993 she founded the queerfilmfestival Bremen. Since 1995 she has been co-organizing the Internationale Symposium zum Film.

The program is part of the ongoing curatorial series ›film:art‹, which exhibits films between art and cinema, a cooperation between Kommunalkino CITY46 and the University of Bremen.

An event of Schwankhalle in cooperation with kukoon