Finna & Malonda

Double concert with Opener by Morti Vated & Biyotob (HB)

2022 Musik

Hamburg-based Finna raps with a loud voice, powerful softness and convincing honesty for sexual self-determination and against homophobia and body shaming. Love, anger, snot, and glamor meet clear statements and queer-feminist empowerment. Finna has extensively toured as a solo performer and as a member of the feminist hip-hop collective Fe*Male Treasure. In February 2022, her debut album was released by Audiolith Records. The Berlin-based singer, songwriter and electric diva MALONDA stands for diva pop. Her first album, ›Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent,‹ will be released this summer. MALONDA combines the grandeur of her musical models Hildegard Knef and Grace Jones with electronic beats. Her songs are invitations to club dancing, they do away with hyper-Germanness, let us dream about our last liaisons, and empower those who are deemed powerless. With eloquence and wit, in a poetic and frank way—and with a voice that is at times roughened by pain, but always remains warm and powerful.