Jan an Hasselt:
Der Bau

PREMIERE Lecture-Performance

2021 Premiere
Trigger warning: This performance contains verbal descriptions of violence and self-harm.

»I don’t want to put on airs, but, please excuse me, my position is that of a – how would you call it – religious ritual specialist, which would mean that people believe everything I say. That is, of course, nonsense. But there is no image at all. So if you would enter the structure, everything would just be black.«

Strange voices can be heard from noisy audio cassettes, texts resembling pages torn from a science-fiction novel. They deal with the “structure,” a gigantic steel tank near an overcrowded city. Does something flow into the structure or out of it? Can one access it? And if so, is there anything at all to find inside? Supported, undermined and paraphrased by electronic vibrations, singing feedback and the acoustic shadow of a future industry, Jan van Hasselt’s lecture performance “Der Bau” gives rise to a dystopian cinema of the mind.

Jan van Hasselt works as an author of theatre, film and radio in Bremen. In his work, he prefers to deal with pop culture and perversions, preferably with perverse forms of pop culture. His performances and films like to move along the border areas between film, literature and theatre.


BY & WITH Jan van Hasselt
MUSIC Christoph Ogiermann
PERFORMERS Jenny Ecke, Lukas Gancarczyk, Günther Grollitsch, Stina Hinrichs, Adriana Könemann, Christoph Ogiermann, Augusto Jaramillo Pineda, Fabiana Hardorf, Käpten Logi, Sebastian Mecklenburg
CAMERA Michael Dreyer, Matthias Kind
CGI Sebastian Wessel
TATOOS Jessica Thiede
SPEAKERS Rita Böing, Jens Fleischer, Lukas Gancarczyk, Shenja Lacher, Käpten Logi, Anne Moder, Hans-Georg Schaefer, Harald Thielsch

THANKS TO Agentur für fast alles, Tim Gerhards, Katharina Groth, Klas van Hasselt, Kornelia Hoffmann, Guido Köster, Dina Koper, Craig Parker-Feldmann,Team Schwankhalle, Sabrina Werner

Supported by the Senator for Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.