Jan van Hasselt:
Pakistan Homeland

Performance Lecture - ONLINE

SUN Nov 8 6 p.m. online audience talk (login data and registration info coming soon)

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The ›evil Muslims‹ in the series Homeland have hooknoses, and the men in Pakistan have never seen a naked white woman. Even Carrie, the protagonist of the series, can only bear this nonsense with psychotropic drugs. Pakistan is a beautiful country. Jan van Hasselt visited the main tourist attractions. The Pakistanis also enjoy visiting the Nanga Parbat to meet the spirits of German mountaineers who have plunged to death there. It’s logical that everyone wants to take selfies at this location. In general, the people are incredibly affectionate and open, although the nice guy at the Pakistani National Mosque is only interested in the details of Jan’s trip because he’s from the secret service. What else can ›Westerners‹ with a beard want here other than to radicalize themselves? An audiovisual lecture on self perception and perception by others as a feedback collage of travelogues and pop clichés.

Jan van Hasselt works as a theater, film and radio author in Bremen. In his works, he prefers dealing with pop culture and perversion, most of all with perverse forms of pop culture. His performances and films navigate the borders of film, literature and theater.

WITH Jan van Hasselt and Janine Lancker.