Janis Fisch & Thomas Schröder:
Poetic Self


2021 Film
WED 15 April / 6 p.m. - THU 29 April / 11:59 p.m.

audience talk THU 16 April / 20 Uhr (via Zoom)
Film (on demand)

+ audience talk THU 16 April / 20 Uhr (via Zoom)

The flea market is closed, so is the thrift shop. We’re experiencing the imperative of online shopping, while informal markets, the ›give-away box‹ in front of the house, the ›swap and gift‹ chats still exist. ›Poetic Self‹ tells stories about old things. Things that have a history, or that don’t, so we invent one. The shelves are full of found objects. One was even shot at. Bang!


PROTAGONISTS Janis Fisch, Thomas Schröder, Hayati San, Dr. Karin Walter, Björn Bertrams, Johannes Schulz, Reidar Nitz
CUT Janis Fisch
CAMERA Anastasia Zeller, Janis Fisch, Thomas Schröder, Jan Felix Hahn
COSTUMES Jan Felix Hahn
NARRATOR Matthias Ruthenberg
TECHNIC Carlos Heydt

Funded by the Senator for Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the Waldemar Koch Foundation.

With special thanks to the Schwankhalle