KLANK meets Creutzburg

A performative-concertante approach

following audience talk

Without rehearsing beforehand, the thing-players KLANK and the performance-tinkerer Caroline Creutzburg meet in the Schwankhalle for one week. Caroline Creutzburg pursues a persistent interest in strong and at once permeable framings in her works. She deals with questions regarding what is allegedly banal, the values of entertainment and the emancipatory aspect of showing and watching. KLANK stands for ongoing experiments with their own instruments, which usually consist of non-musical objects and materials. In real time, they explore the complex logic of improvisation and visualize sound generation as such. KLANK and Creutzburg are only tangentially acquainted with each other. The affinity is great, but their styles strongly differ. The result of their performative-concertante approach is uncertain: a concert in the narrower and broader sense of the word…