Laurie Penny:
Sexual revolution:
Modern fascism and
the feminist fightback

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2022 revolution
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A sexual revolution has begun—and this time it cannot be stopped! It starts wherever women, queer, non-binary and trans* persons, especially those not belonging to the white majority society, are no longer willing to understand their body as the property of someone else. Thanks to them, our time of crisis is simultaneously a time of productive transformation, filled with far-reaching and permanent changes in our understanding of gender, sex and the question of whose body and whose words are deemed important. In a captivating and strident manner, Laurie Penny writes about sex and power, trauma and resistance, about the crisis of democracy, the crisis of masculinity and the rearguard battles of those afraid of losing power. She demands a culture of consent that goes far beyond sex: In labor relations, in systems of political representation and in daily interactions, we must arrive at a logic of ongoing negotiated consent so as to heal individual and collective traumas and prevent future ones.

Laurie Penny, born 1986 in London, is a book and screenwriter and journalist. She studied English literature at Oxford, Nieman Fellowship for journalism at Harvard. She has published on politics, social justice, pop culture and feminism in the Guardian, New Statesman, Time Magazine, New York Times and Vice, among others. As a screenwriter, she contributed to the series ›The Nevers,‹ ›The Haunting of Bly Manor,‹ and ›Carnival Row.