Let’s talk about Sex & Arbeit

Talk series

For people of all genders and forms of desire
Admission free

What do we ›put up with‹ to have satisfying and consensual sex? Are you familiar with the feeling of working yourself off during sex? In what way does sex work differ from private physical exchange? Is work only that which is remunerated? Who works for whom, how much, and for what? Before we even experience explicitly sexual moments, relationship work has to be done, dates have to be organized, agreements need to be made… these efforts could also become too much. Or not?

›Let’s talk about Sex‹ Talk series

For many people, sexuality is an intimate theme that makes you vulnerable. One is often at a loss for words or occasions to articulate what one has experienced, one’s limits, wishes, and needs. letstalk invites the audience to a talk about these personal topics. Both work at consulting centers for adults and youths on the themes of love, relationship, body and sexuality.

Further information at: www.letstalk.blackblogs.org

letstalk is for people of all genders and forms of desire. All the different facets can and may be addressed. letstalk wants to make sexuality discussable, together with you. Let’s talk!

  • Trans-, homophobia, sexism and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. Persons who are conspicuous in this respect may be excluded from the event.
  • the door closes at 7.40 p.m., please be on time!

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