Let’s talk about Sex & Männlichkeit

Talk series + Livestream

(Doors open at 7 pm)

The event is fully booked.
Streaming link and material for at-home-participation coming soon!

What would it be like to live in a society in which ›masculinity‹ is a self-designation and conscious practice and not only oriented toward physical characteristics? ›Masculinity‹ as an attributions raises many questions: How is ›masculinity‹ produced? For whom is the term a compliment and for whom an imposition? How does ›masculinity‹ reveal itself in sexuality and what can be desirable about it? How is male sexuality shown in cinema, porn and advertising? How does it affect people who identify with masculinity (e.g. cismale, transmale, masculine of center (MOC) persons) and what is expected of them?

For many people, sexuality is an intimate theme that makes you vulnerable. One is often at a loss for words or occasions to articulate what one has experienced, one’s limits, wishes, and needs. letstalk invites the audience to a talk about these personal topics. Both work at consulting centers for adults and youths on the themes of love, relationship, body and sexuality.

letstalk is for people of all genders and forms of desire. All the different facets can and may be addressed. letstalk wants to make sexuality discussable, together with you. Let’s talk!

The evening will be a bit different than usual according to the current safety and hygiene measures. For a smooth course of events please arrive on time! Current information can be found at www.letstalk.blackblogs.org, www.schwankhalle.de or directly from the organizers at: letstalk@posteo.de

Admission free!

Further information at: www.letstalk.blackblogs.org