Lie Ning



›His voice is like the spiritual child of Billie Holliday and Anohni‹

is how the New York Paper Mag described Lie Ning. With his velvety voice, glimmering electronics and the pulse of racing hearts, the queer Berlin singer creates an acoustic intimacy that embraces one. With a sure instinct and great openness, his songs tell of a collective search for fixed points—for a place where we feel ourselves in good hands on our personal journey through a fast–paced world. “Tonight” evokes one of these magical moments on the dancefloor, when two friends feel deep attachment and solidarity amid the dancing crowd. “Traffic Songs for the Inbetweens” is the title of the 22-year-old’s EP, a debut of impressive maturity. Between indie, pop, wave, and disco, a sound full of bittersweet melancholy emerges that makes us pause and sends comforting shivers through the night.