2022 Music

Mandhla is a 24 year old trans-feminine, gender non-comforming multi-media performance artist born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. As a current resident in Berlin she brings a blend of experimental R&B and Soul music intertwined with visual projections and performative dancing. Her music speaks of the daily trials that Trans*, enby and femme* immigrant bodies experience daily with love, identity, sex and acceptance.

A strong lover of visual beauty, fashion, the art of voguing and music, and her work being displayed in various stages, festivals and artistic institutions such as Whole Festival, Pop Kultur, Munich Kammperspiele, Gropius Bau, Kulturbraureui, and the HAU to name a few, she promises to bring to you an experience that takes you to a world of beauty and divine epiphanies through fierce queer representation and black femme* power that speaks to the souls that have lived and continue to live through her work.