Mara May & Micha Kranixfeld:
Die tiefen, queeren Wälder vor Bremen

An evening of listening & discussion

2021 Nature Listening Discussion
External location: kukoon im Park, Neustadtswallanlagen/Leibnizplatzpark
Language: German

Free admission. Donations welcome.

In the middle of the republic: a one thousand square kilometer green area. Sheep guard the borders. A cultivated wilderness, a piece of forestry, a local recreational area for birds of all sorts. Some seek refuge from the city, others have always been living here. The microphone wanders through the underbrush. In their audio piece, the authors Micha Kranixfeld and Mara May encounter persons giving an account of the naturalness of queer landscapes away from the cities. They guide the listeners through peripheries with which they live. Documentary and fictional elements chase each other through the bushes. The forest sounds like always, it sounds like never before.

The audience listens to the audio piece via headphones in the Neustadtswallanlagen. The compositions by Hauptmeier | Recker make the enclosed nature of the park grow acoustically wild. Afterwards, the artists invite the audience to a discussion with schnapps and experts on queer life in Germany’s rural spaces.


Caspar Rehlinger studies sociology with a focus on „gender relations in modern society“ at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and works in counseling and youth work with a focus on trans* non-binary and genderqueer persons in Thuringia. His bachelor thesis deals with the living conditions of trans* persons in Thuringia and can be requested via Research-Gate:

Ilka Christin Weiß is an ex. Nurse and certified counselor for transgender people. Contact person of the network/self-help group Trans*NET OHZ. SHG for trans* people, their relatives, friends and supporters in the district of Osterholz-Scharmbeck.

CREDITS listening evening

CONCEPT & DIRECTION Micha Kranixfeld, Mara May
GUESTS Caspar Rehlinger, Ilka Christin Weiß

CREDITS Audio piece

CONCEPT & DIRECTION Micha Kranixfeld, Mara May
COMPOSITION Paul Hauptmeier, Martin Recker
SCENOGRAPHY Dominik Steinmann (Büro Unbekannt)
SPEAKER Eva Bay, Mechthild Großmann, Simon Jensen, Bernd Moss und Charlotte Müller
ON TELEPHONE Waitari Amroy, Sven Gämkow, Uwe Lengen, Ellen und Stefanie Radtke, Claire Stragier und Svenja Wolff
DRAMATURGY Julia Gabel, Johann Mittmann
SOUND & TECHNIC Alexander Brennecke, Philipp Adelmann
PRODUCTION: Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Kunstfest Weimar, Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften
IN COOPERATION WITH Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Thüriungen e.V., KGV »AUGUST FRÖLICH«, Vielfalt Leben – Queerweg Verein für Thüringen E.V.

An event of Schwankhalle in cooperation with kukoon and Deutschlandfunk Kultur