Luca Punke / Marina Hoppmann

Nalan & Josefine

Double Concert

2023 Concert Season opening

12 €
Online tickets plus 1,50 € fee.

Bremen Pass: 3 €

Remaining tickets from 1 hour before the start of the event at the box office.

Alternatively you can reserve tickets by phone 0421 520 80 70 (Mon, Wed – Fri 10 am – 2 pm or answering machine) or email

Pick up at the box office until 30 min before the performance starts.

The hall is not seated during the concert, but it is possible to sit in the stands. Please contact our evening staff if you need a different seating arrangement. During the concert, the hall can be entered and left at any time. Detailed information about the accessibility of our venue can be found here ↗. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 0421 520 80 70.

Nalan, this means »the screaming one,« and anyone who has experienced one of Nalan‘s powerful-voiced live outbursts knows how appropriate this name is. The title of Nalan‘s latest album, »I‘m Good. The Crying Tape« sounds like a contra­diction - and indeed, musical opposites from indie sounds to 90ies jungle breakbeats collide on it. Before her critically acclaimed solo debut, Nalan released an EP as slimgirl fat and several albums as the singer of the Gaddafi Gals. And along the way, she is shaking dancefloors as part of the DJ collective Slic Unit.

In the Schwankhalle she encounters Josefine - the new pop discovery from Bremen. For Josefine, music is a place of longing. She sings about over­coming the present and queer love. Gentle and honest.

Nalan on … Instagram ↗ Bandcamp ↗
Josefine on … Instagram ↗ Spotify ↗ Bandcamp ↗

Nalan - I'm Good (prod. by walter p99 arkestra, Kiara Bo)
Josefine: »Spätsommer«

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