2023 Exchange
The »Open Schwankhalle« primarily gathers invited guests, but other interested parties are also welcome! Would you like to join in the conversation? Then sign up at or 0421 520 80 70.

Participation free

The Open Schwankhalle will be held in German spoken language. Contributions in English spoken language can be shared.

All venues of the Schwankhalle are accessible at ground level and without steps.

You can find more information about the accessibility of our premises here. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 0421 520 80 70.

What actually is the Schwankhalle? For whom is it there? Who feels at home here and who does not (yet)? In December 2022, the first »Open Schwankhalle« took place. Along with re­presentatives of different initia­tives, co­operation partners and local actors, we discussed these and further questions? Almost a year later, we would like to continue this discussion and again invite you to the »Open Schwankhalle« to look back together, expand our thoughts, develop ideas, and dream of utopias.

We ask: What has happened in the meantime? Which suggestions were we able to realize, and where is there still room for improvement? The focus is on artistic formats and forms of encounter, accesses and barriers, small and large successes, but also on existing gaps in the ongoing »Schwankhalle« process.

In open and unbiased, group-oriented discussions, we exchange ideas, learn and unlearn, organize a utopian musical request program, and take along new ideas and tasks. The exchange is moderated by the artistic directors of the Schwankhalle, Anna K. Becker and Katrin Hylla.