Ravi Kuma &

Double concert for the Feminist Strike Day

2022 Music 8am

›A love child conceived in an abandoned container as a result of a ménage à trois between Peaches, M.I.A. and Vince Staples‹

Welcome to the weird universe of Ravi Kuma! With explicit lyrics, marching beats and quite a bit of self-irony, the Danish rap duo deals with tabooed and topical themes from a personal perspective. The industrial hip-hop sound of the rapper Sharon Kumaraswamy and the producer Aske Knudsen are unrivaled in the Scandinavian scene. At the double concert on March 8, they meet the rapper and beatboxer Lisaholic, arriving with little more than her voice, a loop station and a simple mike. From old school hip-hop and dubstep, via techno to drum’n’bass and happy hardcore—Lisaholic produces a range of beats in DIY mode that is bigger than any stamp collection.

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