Schnippelfilm und

Final installation and workroom

2022 culturemakesstrong allin
Free entry

Since last summer, the team of ›Schnippelfilm und Pappmikro‹—consisting of young filmmakers aged 10 to 12, the theater-maker Roland Siegwald, the musician and author Tim Schomacker, and the puppeteer Johanna Pätzold—has been dealing in various formats with the question of how we live and how we want to live; and with how realities and wishes can be created, represented and exhibited. In a digital, documentary, analog way—and in many ways in between. In the end, ›Schnippelfilm und Pappmikro‹ brings together questions, thoughts, objects, films, drafts, and speculative stories in a show and work room that can be experienced with all senses. The visitors are invited to view the showcases, play scenes and little films dealing with the theme of living, and they can lend a hand or contribute thoughts themselves. Collaborative work results in drawings, models, films, and games. During the course of the day, a complex, multimedia, and seriously funny collection of thought-pictures and stimuli will evolve, conceived together as a small utopia.

Funded by the project ‚Jugend ins Zentrum‘ of the Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren e.V. within the framework of the program ‚Kultur macht stark! Bündnisse für Bildung‘ of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.