Stefanie Sargnagel, Christiane Rösinger,
Denice Bourbon: Legends of Entertainment

Comedy / Konzert / Lesung

Partly in English language.

A dazzling evening with three incomparable superstars, united in their love for cultivated evening entertainment. Denice Bourbon, the rising lesbian star in the stand-up heaven, Christiane Rösinger, the legendary Berlin songwriter and gala personality, and Stefanie Sargnagel, the cult poetess from the Viennese suburban pub, appear together for the first time on stage. Each one a hit, together they form a natural force.

Stefanie Sargnagel gained experience as a call center employee for her debut “Binge Living” (2013). That year, Vice wrote: ›Stefanie Sargnagel is the most important Austrian writer of the 21st century.‹ After her acclaimed ›Statusmeldungen‹ (2017), her coming-of-age novel ›Dicht‹ was published in 2020.

Christiane Rösinger was the founder, singer and lyricist of the Berlin bands ›Lassie Singers‹ and ›Britta‹ and in the 1990s operated the legendary Flittchenbar at the Berliner Ostbahnhof. She released two solo albums (most recently ›Lieder ohne Leiden‹), several books, magazine articles, and columns. In 2019, her first musical ›Stadt unter Einfluss‹ premiered at Hebbel am Ufer.

Denice Bourbon was born in Finland, grew up in Sweden and today lives in Vienna. She is a queer-lesbian performance artist, singer, writer, and presenter, who loves stand-up comedy most. With her queer-feminist, politically correct comedy club PCCC*, she uses humor and entertainment as activist tools.