Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften:
Grilling Me Softly

A Variety Show on Meat

2022 freischwimmen meat
On FRI 10 June with After-Show-BBQ
Suitable for everybody 14 +
Prior to the performances, we offer a play introduction to preview and orient the audience to the location. Start at 7:15 pm. For this we ask for short registration under
Duration approx. 110min + After-Show-BBQ

For years, the Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften has been commuting to Quakenbrück, a small town in the meat belt of Lower Saxony. Butchers from Eastern Europe live here, who cut up pigs to be exported to China. And researchers developing paths for the future of meat. For ›Grilling Me Softly,‹ Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften met experts at the grill, the conveyor belt, the barn, the high seat, the lab, and the sausage kitchen. Their perspectives and secret recipes are brought together in this variety show between theater, pork feast, audio play, and grill party. At the fire pit or in the party tent, everything revolves around what tastes good—but the evening is also about meat cycles in which we are all involved. Meat is muscular mass, pork bouillon and identity. Meat is an invitation to take a stand. High time to place the topic on the grill!

During the performance, you will come in contact exclusively with meatless food. At the after-show BBQ on Friday, June 10, both vegan and animal meat products are on offer.


BY & WITH Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften: Micha Kranixfeld, Aishe Spalthoff, Silvan Stephan, Nadja Sühnel, Marleen Wolter, Felix Worpenberg
SCENOGRAPHY & COSTUME Katharina Becklas, Estrella Jurado
MASTERING & SOUND DESIGN Nicolas Schneider, Mara May
THANKS TO Klaus-Dieter Baehrfeld, Christian Baudisch, Marie-Christin Baune, Lukas Borgolte, Matthias Brüggemann, Christos, Jens Dannenbring, Barbara Deppe, Farid, Susanne & Nanne Fischer, Christoph Geil, Ivo, Helmut Jetzkowski, Karin Maike Günther & Jojo, Familie Gerlach, den Ambergauer LandFrauen, Ilse Mund, Shirin Pethig, Juliette Rudzick, Klaus Sünkler, Claudia Stephan, Adi Voicu, Wildsau Paula & Mastschwein Emil für unsere Gespräche.

A production of Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften and FREISCHWIMMEN, the production platform for performance and theater, supported by brut Wien, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zürich, HochX Theater and Live Art München, LOFFT - DAS THEATER, Schwankhalle Bremen, SOPHIENSÆLE Berlin and Theater Rampe Stuttgart, under the management of SOPHIENSÆLE GmbH, made possible by the program ‚Verbindungen fördern‘ of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture and the Lower Saxony Foundation.