Tremendo Parche Latino:
The Paradoxical Myth
of the crazed Jaguar
and Nene del Solar


2022 undertheskin
On FRI Mar 4 with audience talk

›The Paradoxical Myth of the Crazed Jaguar and Nene del Solar‹ is a technological ritual, a dark, nocturnal, carnivalesque ceremony. Two characters meet to decipher their relationship with the Sun. Through sound, poetry and dance, they reinterpret mythological characters and objects of Latin America in a contemporary era. Nene del solar and the Crazed Jaguar embody the figure of the Techno-shaman, which establishes connections between technology and the spiritual realm. Exploring the tensions that exist between the animal world and human reason, they confront the obsessions of western thought with the domination of territory and the imposition of technology.

Tremendo Parche Latino is a collective of interdisciplinary artists, students from the HfK Bremen, which started in 2018 with the intentionality of questioning Latinamerican stereotypes, including normative gender roles, as well as challenging the notions of exoticism through an artistic decolonial lens. On this occasion, Víctor Artiga Rodríguez and Icaro López de Mesa Moyano create an artistic performance, through the development of experimental electronic devices, with a range of material explorations which pursue unusual ways of interacting with sound, voice, body in movement and poetry.


CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE Víctor Artiga Rodríguez & Icaro López de Mesa Moyano
COSTUME Daniel Angelo Nicola Pantaleo & Víctor Artiga Rodríguez
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN Icaro López de Mesa Moyano
LIGHT Timo Reichenberger
PHOTOGRAPHY Gabriela Valdespino
VIDEO Jonas Schmieta

Support by Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Künste Bremen and Senator für Kultur Bremen.