Veronika Kracher:

Reading in the Kukoon

External venue: Outdoor at the Kukoon im Park, in the Zentaurenpark at Leibnitzplatz. In case of bad weather: Kulturzentrum Kukoon, Buntentorsteinweg 29, Bremen

Recommendation for donations: 5 EURO
No reservations possible, please come early (admission from 19.15)

›Incels‹ is the abbreviation of ›involuntary celibates‹. They meet in online forums and image boards and complain about not having sex, although it is their inherent basic right as males. In the mildest cases, their thinking is expressed in depressions and self-pity, in the worst in the glorification of child abuse, sexual violence and femicide. But incels are no exceptional phenomena under capitalistic-patriarchal conditions; they are the expression of a society in which the denigration of femininity is the order of the day.

In Cooperation with the Golden Shop and the Kukoon.

In the frame of the thematic focus TO DIE LIKE A MAN Sep/Oct 2020