Weinberger / Pätzold / Weichenrieder &
The Neighbours of the Schwankhalle: Nachbarschafts-Perspektiven

Presentation in the public space

Guided tours with free admission:
THU Dec 9 + FRI Dec 10 / 6 p.m., SAT Dec 11 + SUN Dec 12 / 3 p.m.

Meeting Point: Peter Zadek Platz (backyard behind the Schwankhalle)

Since September, the Bremen-based artists Johanna Pätzold, Manuela Weichenrieder and Doris Weinberger have been underway in the vicinity of the Schwankhalle to explore the fluid fabric that makes up their neighborhood. What experiences do the people living here share? What wishes and ideas do they have for their neighborhood? What stories can they tell? In participatory artistic actions, everyday stories of the neighborhood take shape and present themselves in sculptures, audio stations in the languages of the residents and performative tours of the public space surrounding the Schwankhalle.

The tours are free of charge. The route is wheelchair accessible.
Exhibition and audio piece are free of charge and available contactless from Dec 9 til Dec 12. On the sculptures are telephone numbers and QR codes, under which the audio piece can be listened to via cell phone or smartphone. On four dates, neighbors of the Schwankhalle will guide visitors through the exhibition.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.