Daniel Dominguez Teruel
& Schwankcore:
When We Were Singking


Concert Premiere
Free entry

The concert will take place in the foyer. Seating capacity is limited. Free tickets are issued from 1 hour before the start of the event.

The concert runs approx. 20 minutes without an intermission.

There is mainly standing room, as well as limited seating with unreserved choice of seats.
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Bremen as a sunken city—­this scenario is no longer inconceivable. Like many coastal cities around the world, Bremen has already been repeatedly flooded in the past. Current case scenarios from climate research predict that entire districts of Bremen could disappear underwater in the next 70 years, or rather that they will. »When We Were Singking« uses this scenario as an opportunity to perform a kind of advanced grief work on the sinking city of Bremen.

»Grief asks us to become quiet and stop all forward movement so that we may dive into the depths, but the intellect doesn’t know how to go deep—­not like the emotions can. The intellect usually tries to lift us out of the water and dry us off before we’ve really immersed ourselves in grief.«

That‘s how the emotions and empathy researcher Karla McLaren describes grief. In 2019, Daniel Dominguez Teruel already anticipated and mourned the decline of the Elbphilharmonie with a cooing pigeon choir (»Requiem for Architecture«). Together with the Schwankcore ↗, he now develops a kind of requiem for the sinking city of Bremen.

Daniel Dominguez Teruel lives and works as a composer and music theater director in Hamburg. In recent years he has been working increasingly with a focus on the human voice. This has resulted in pieces that he has compiled in the series „How to Listen to Monuments and What to Listen to when Everything is Melting“. In these pieces, he deals with questions of (national) belonging, division and community. With the work „LOVESONG“, in which the German national anthem is deconstructed on a musical level, he was invited to the Impulse Theater Festival in 2022, among others. Further performances and installations at Kampnagel, Elbphilharmonie, HAU, Schwankhalle, EMW Shanghai, among others.

Mara Hebel is musically versatile and has directed various choir and ensemble projects, from the classical university choir to her jazz vocal ensemble NEILON. Since November 2022, she has been directing the Schwankcore ↗, which meets weekly in the Schwankhalle.


Concept, composition: Daniel Dominguez Teruel
Choir direction: Mara Hebel
By and with: Schwankcore

Supported by the Fonds Soziokultur. With the kind support of Klangpol.