Eine digitale Stadtlandschaft
Farzad Golghasemi & Gabriela Valdespino (hacer sitio)

Farzad Golghasemi & Gabriela Valdespino (hacer sitio):
as everything repeats and doubles itself, the ground moves under the feet

Audiovisual Performance
Within the framework of Tender Absence

2023 Tender Absence Performance
Within the framework of Tender Absence 24h Showcase

Hybrid format: Live in the Schwankhalle & via Livestream

Participation free

The performance runs for about 30 minutes and takes place in English. All event spaces in the Schwankhalle are accessible at ground level and without steps. The audience area on the grandstand is seated. There are two wheelchair spaces that can be reserved based on availability.

You can find more information about the accessibility of our premises here. If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket@schwankhalle.deor 0421 520 80 70.

While »local« is related to corporeal proximity, intimacy, slowness, and relational multi-sensorial connections, »global« is craving for speed, precision, convenience, and interest rate. Digital conglomerates exploit local resources to feed their maps and establish
local dependencies. Similarly, construction businesses and urban development industries as a part of the global free-market constitution, appropriate water and land to market the spaces they construct. In this feedback loop of spatial appropriation, services such as Maps accumulate data regarding our cities and their existence. It is just a matter of perspective, how to extract that data, read, and narrate it. Is it possible to use it against its constitution?

»Endless Twist« is a guided walk through a 3D space that is constructed by urban fragments and personal memories. It is an audiovisual performance presenting hacer sitio’s critical perspective regarding the agency of the human and non-human, and by extension of architects, planners, and owners. While reflecting on the role of architecture as an apparatus that produces power dynamics, Farzad Golghasemi and Gabriela Valdespino examine the corporeality associated with physical and digital spaces through a techno-poetical interpretation of the contemporary state of political economy.

Farzad Golghasemi ↗ and Gabriela Valdespino ↗ (hacer sitio) work together involving corporeal and digital spaces in conjunction with text, image, sound, video, web, and installation. Their body of work is initiated by inspections of social phenomena and associated spatial [re]productions. In this context, they question the relationship between social and somatic, and how the body, mind, and social settings are intricately linked. Rather
than mere aesthetics, they are interested in lived experience which motivates them to work with performative methodologies such as walking to explore phenomenological and multi-sensory aspects of the built environment.


Concept / Text / 3D / Programming: Farzad Golghasemi
Sound / Dramaturgy / Artistic Collaboration: Gabriela Valdespino

»Endless Twist« was made possible by participation in the project Tender Absence ↗ by the collective Peira. With the friendly support of Senator für Kultur Bremen and University of the Arts Bremen.