A mysterious plant in violet light
G2 Baraniak

Stay Romantic


2023 Performance Audiodeskription
Both shows with live audio description and haptic tour.
Start of the haptic tour 1 hour before each performance, meeting point in the foyer.

The audio description and haptic tour are primarily addressed to a blind and visually impaired audience. By request, sighted visitors are also welcome to participate.

Joint price system:
7 / 10 / 14 € (free choice).
Online tickets plus 1,50 € fee.

Bremen Pass: 3 €
Children and youths up to 18 years: 5 €

Culture semester ticket: free of charge

Advance booking online and at all Nordwest-Ticket advance booking offices ↗. Remaining tickets from 1 hour before the start of the event at the box office.

Alternatively you can reserve tickets by phone 0421 520 80 70 (Mon, Wed – Fri 10 am – 2 pm or answering machine) or email ticket@schwankhalle.de.

Pick up at the box office until 30 min before the performance starts.

The performance runs for 50 minutes without an intermission. There will be German and English spoken language. In both performances there is a live audio description for blind and visually impaired visitors.

In the first part of the performance, the audience moves around the stage. The audience is guided through the installation stage set, similar to an art exhibition. In the second part of the performance the audience is seated on the tribune. There are two wheelchair seats, which can be reserved according to availability or selected as a ticktet category in the online store and at the box office.

Brief depictions of implied violence and war occur in a video. There is live music, which is very loud in some places.

For more info on the accessibility of our space, click here ↗. If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket@schwankhalle.de or 0421 520 80 70.

The Eurocentric view of nature is influenced by a longstanding affair with Romanticism. Even in the face of ecological crises and progressing digitalization, we apparently don’t want to see that allegedly »idyllic« nature has long lost its innocence. Barbara Schmidt-Rohr and her young performance team (aged 9—30) invite us to question our relationship with nature. In a stage space pulsating between picturesque landscape panoramas and digital hyper-pop, their bodies move about as if in a trance. They tell stories of »being thrown,« of digital overflow, of crises, loss and finality. But—let’s stay romantic—also of love.

The performance is for a young audience from the age of 15.

Three children in futuristic costumes
G2 Baraniak

Barbara Schmidt-Rohr has been developing contemporary, interdisciplinary performance formats since the 1990s. In her artistic works, she realizes productions at the intersections of choreography, scenic installation, video art, and the digital with alternating co-authors and teams, in which children collaborate on an equal footing.


Concept, Choreography, Direction: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Performance: Sakshi Jain, Esther Meinke, Yolanda Morales, Luis Nachtmann, Virendra Nishad, Robin Rohrmann, Enno Schneekloth, Pauline Schönfelder, Maria Pearl Weise
Live music: Catharina Boutari, Tom Gatza
Stage: Hanna Lenz
Costumes: Nina Divitschek
Video design and painting: Jens Hasenberg
Lighting design: Lars Kracht
Sound: Iason Roumkos
Co-realization stage, costume: Tatjana Zchei, Tatjana Milosevic, Anja Zihlmann
Makeup, Hair: Ilona Klein, Laura Nimsgarn, Alix Fivian
Outside Eye, Audiodescription: Helen Schröder
Assistance: Ann-Leonie Niss, Alix Fivian
Photos: G2 Baraniak
On-site technical support: Schwankhalle
Production management guest performance: Kerstin Henky
Production, Communication: Stückliesel

Co-production: Kampnagel Hamburg. Funded by the Hamburg Ministry for Culture and Media. The film „UNITY“ integrated in the play is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.