Eine Gruppe Kinder auf einer Tribüne
Jasper Wessel

& unperform:
Das Kindergericht


Premiere Performance family*friendly
Afterwards premiere party with kids disco
Mit Publikumsgespräch
Family*friendly - recommended for ages 8 and up
Admission free – Donations welcome!

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»That is the most unjust thing in the world or in life!« 

We are all quite familiar with this feeling. Something is really going wrong in the world and in life and, actually, in general. The adults have the place of trial for the court hearing. But a just verdict is not always passed there. And never is that which really goes wrong dealt with: the injustices of life itself! And what is more, one always has to dutifully stand up, dutifully sit down and dutifully listen. As so often, the adults make the rules. But what would it be like if children had their own law and their own… children’s court?

Children and youths from Bremen establish their own children’s court! Based on their own observations at Bremen’s district court, they pose some important questions to themselves and their audience: What does justice mean? Who has decided upon it? Who actually made such a mess of the world? Are there perhaps demons hiding under the robes of the judges? And what would happen if all adults were gone?

At the Schwankhalle, the children’s court will try its own cases: Children will bring their perspectives on social (in)justice to the theater stage in a playful, dancing and humorous way. Every detail is important, everything is up for debate, and at one point a verdict will be passed. Oh my!

»Das Kindergericht« is a project by the Schwankhalle in cooperation with the Frankfurt-based performance collective imaginary company and the Bremen-based association unperform e.V.. Since the autumn vacation in 2023, children and youths from Bremen have been dealing with finding justice based on real cases and what this has to do with our personal sense of justice.

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By & with: Ekue Mael Adama, Marten Fuchs, Fritzi Hartwig, Julian Hollendung, Lennox Hüttich, Leonie Krüger, Felias Marinova, Dennis Oguntimehin, Smart Oguntimehin, Noah Petersen, Tessa Pitzer, Eleni Rabe, Pelin Alice Stropahl, Terje WieneConcept: imaginary company (Arthur Romanowski, Anja Schneidereit)
Director: Arthur Romanowski
Stage & set: Anja Schneidereit
Choreography: unperform (Tim Gerhards)
Production: Mari Lena Rapprich & Sofie Ruffing
Design assistance: Anna Romanowska

Das Kindergericht is a cooperation between the Schwankhalle, imaginary company, unperform e.V. and the Grundschule am Buntentorsteinweg. As part of the »tanz und theater machen stark« program of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste.