A lecture performance
by Arnita Jaunsubrēna

2022 For Your Eyes Only Lecture Performance Galopprennbahn
In the frame of »For Your Eyes Only«
External venue: Galopprennbahn Bremen

Lecture-performance in English
Duration: 30 min., free of charge

The venue is not accessible for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility.

Galopprennbahn Bremen
Ludwig-Roselius-Allee, 28329 Bremen
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Dear Bremen, we know each other already so long. More than 800 years. You send me gifts and try to teach me. Sometimes you worry that I go the wrong direction, but lately I have the feeling I am strong enought to give you some lessons. Will you listen to me?
Your friend Riga

Let‘s admit, relationships are hard. We as humans know it. You get older, have a lot of work, family… Relationships change, stagnate or end. It is a whole science to maintaine a friendship.
In the lecture-performance Deutsch-lettische Freundschaft (German-latvian friendship) the artist Arnita Jaunsubrēna tries to investigate the friendship between german city Bremen and latvian city Riga. Because – it is remarkable to sustain a friendship for more than 800 years!