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The workshop will be held in German and English spoken language. The exercises will be based on physical activity and movement. The exercises can be individually adapted for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. Detailed information about the accessibility of our venue can be found here ↗. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 0421 520 80 70.

In this workshop the Finnish performance company Oblivia share their collective devising practice »Do What You Saw«. It is a playful way of devising material for performances. We start with a body- and voice warm up and continue with the »Do What You Saw« method where we create material to be used in a big impro at the end.

The »Do What You Saw« method has been developed by Oblivias founding members Timo Fredriksson, Anna Krzystek and Annika Tudeer, over twenty years of collective work. During the workshop, the participants create an abundance of material to use. The workshop invites the participants to experience ways to distill and share ideas into action and text. They will encounter ways of working with subtlety, humour, presence and timing.

Founded in 2000 in Helsinki, Oblivia have been creating performances out of movement, dance, text, sound, light and gesture for over twenty years. Oblivia’s performances develop a unique atmosphere of nonchalant vitality while pondering political and philosophical questions. It is this atmosphere which renders their works enigmatic and relatable to the audience at the same time. The production process of »Verdrängen Verdrängen Verdrängen« marked the beginning of a close collaboration with composer Yiran Zhao, whose acoustic and electronic compositions and sound designs add another level of shape and dynamics to Oblivia’s endeavors in music theatre.

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