M. Sander Fett /
Yolanda Morales:
Speeddating #3

Showing Dance

2022 takeheart bremenartscene
Free Admission

Our housemates from the TanzKollektivBremen invite the audience to the third edition of their ›Speeddating‹ format: In short but intensive encounters with alternating counterparts, work-in-progress performances are created that provide the audience with insights into the artistic working methods and simultaneously give fresh impetus to their own choreographic practice. In ›Speeddating #3‹ Magali Sander Fett (TKB) meets the chorographer, dancer and performer Yolanda Morales from Hamburg. Both artists deal with urban dance styles from their countries of origin. Magali Sander Fett engages with free Baile Funk from the Brazilian favelas, Yolanda Morales with decelerated Cumbia Colombiana that originated in the border region between Mexico and the United States. Both dance styles express the attempt to find a collective, self-determined identity in the language of movement. Magali Sander Fett and Yolanda Morales jointly examine which gestures, rhythms, forms of movement and steps characterize these choreographic systems and what differences and commonalities can be discovered.

Supported by Senator für Kultur Freie Hansestadt Bremen.