Mariela Georg:
Critical Wellness: Thriving despite
Racism and Discrimination


2021 bipoconlny lettinggo
in the context of the thematic focus ›Letting Go‹.

›Choosing wellness is an act of political resistance,‹ bell hooks once wrote. But how can we activate our inner resources and enhance our subjective health? What is Critical Wellness and how can we thrive despite racism and discrimination? This workshop offers a safer space for BIPoC to find and try out paths of self-care. The focus is on the interrelations between society and well-being as well as on the body-mind connection. The trainer provides impulses, and in a group of maximally 16 persons, practical advice is given and exercises are conducted to promote subjective health, mindfulness, fitness, and stress management.

Mariela Georg is a mother, a creative worker, a person with many passions, an intersectional feminist, activist, illustrator, the co-founder of the Bundesfachnetz Gesundheit und Rassismus, and designates herself as Afro-Latina-German. Mariela is interested in the effects of racism and marginalization on the mind, body and soul. She describes Critical Wellness as the process of becoming aware of power structures and power relations and their influence on the well-being of the individual and the community. Understood in this way, Critical Wellness is a path a consciously taken to decolonize the body, soul and mind, aiming to establish a balance between self-care and community-care. Mariela received her B.Sc. in psychology and M.A in personal development, she is a trained fitness instructor, stress coach and mediator, and has been conducting professional antidiscrimination work for many years.

The workshop is only for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color).

Workshop in German spoken language.
The workshop is largely accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. There will be some practical exercises where we will be physically active. These can be adapted for individual movement possibilities. Please contact us if you need special assistance or have questions about the workshop.

Please come in comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and if possible bring a towel or mat, as well as a water bottle. A vegan meal will be served during the one-hour lunch break (included in the price).