Stark verschwommenes Bild eines Kinds im Kleid
Tubi Malcharzik

Tubi Malcharzik
& Team:


Premiere Performance
Am Sa 13.4. mit Publikumsgespräch

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The performance lasts approx. 60 minutes without an intermission.

German and Polish spoken and written language is used.

Fog effects are used.

The audience area is seated.

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The performance addresses anti-Slavism.

»Paskudnik« is a post-­migrant drag persona who has gotten lost while crossing the border between Germany and Poland, between the past and the future. »Paskudnik« is a word that was often uttered by the grandfather to address the grandchild. In memory, it is located somewhere between dining table, soccer match, parasite, and disgust. There is no unambiguous translation. The precise meaning of the term remains elusive.

With »Paskudnik«, Tubi Malcharzik takes a queer view of the own German-­Polish family history and sets off on a search for this familiar yet undecipher­able hole in the collective family memory. Around fifty years after Willy Brandt’s genuflection and the arrival of the family at the immigrant transit camp Friedland in the Federal Republic of Germany, Malcharzik and an inter­disciplinary team take »Paskudnik« as the starting point of a performance that uses immersive soundscapes, narrative fragments and imagination to open up a queer and post-migrant space of memory. They invite the audience to the dining table of an Upper Silesian family festivity and to the interface of a dating app to become familiar with the experiences of queerness and anti-­Slavism. Using a red velvet dress, myths of high cheekbones and songs by t.A.T.u. ↗ and Peter Alexander, the performance raises questions about gender roles and sexuality as well as German-­Polish commem­oration culture and post-­migrant reality.

Tubi Malcharzik (no pronouns, they/­them) lives and works as a performer, dramaturge and DJ in Hanover and Vienna. Based on auto­biographical experiences, Tubi deals with queer memory, abstract drag, German-Polish migration­history and seemingly impossible duets - both in solo­performances and in the form of collective works. In 2020, Tubi Malcharzik presented the solo „Comeback“ in the Schwankhalle. In 2021, Tubi teamed up with Leah Fot, Charlotte Lauber and Cäcilia Wosnitzka for the soundwalk „Funken bis Uranus“ through the Bremen district. For „Paskudnik“, Malcharzik is working with collaborators from the performative arts and from the field of club culture and music.

Instagram: @t_mlchrzk ↗


Concept, Performance: Tubi Malcharzik

Dramaturgy: Isabelle Edi

Music & Sound: Luyu Zou, (mohammad) adika rahman

Costume: Anna Schall

Artistic collaboration & surtitles: Julia Kostka, Natalie Pielok (Grupa Mauczka ↗)
Production management & artistic collaboration: Marten Flegel aka Marty Damour

Translation: Agnieszka Kozłowska
Stage design collaboration: Amelie Sabbagh
Consulting: Marie-Christin-Rissinger
Thanks to Zuzanna Zając, Paweł Świerczek, LaQuèfa, Magdalene Gööck, Paweł Matusz

A project by Tubi Malcharzik & team, produced by Die Soziale Fiktion, in co-production with NFT - Netzwerk Freier Theater, Schwankhalle
Bremen, LOFFT - DAS THEATER Leipzig and brut Wien. The NFT is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the „Promoting Connections“ program of the Federal Association of Independent Performing Arts. The project is supported by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the City of Leipzig - Cultural Office. The adaptation and premiere in Austria is supported Stadt Wien Kultur.