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Christoph Ogiermann


REM Festival of projektgruppe neue musik Bremen e.V. (pgnm)

2023 REM Festival

Joint Price System:
Daytickets: 7 / 10 / 14 €
Festivaltickets: 18 / 25 / 33 €

Box office only.

You can reserve tickets at rem@pgnm.de

Pick up at the box office until 30 min before the performance starts.

All venues of the Schwankhalle are accessible at ground level and without steps.

You can find more information about the accessibility of our premises here. If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket@schwankhalle.de or 0421 520 80 70.

The fifth international festival for electronic music and related arts by the project group Neue Musik Bremen focuses on rhythmic sound events, played by international musicians on electronic instruments. Bands and percussion experts from the overlapping scenes of new music and improvised/conceptual events, who do not shy away from crossover, will also be playing. The program additionally includes fixed-media music and live actions by the Bremer Lautsprecher Orchester (BLO).


Fri 6th
Rudi Fischerlehner (Drums) / A
Pony Says (Lucas Gerin, Felix Nagl, Thilo Ruck) / F / D
Frans Zwartjes (Shortfilm) / NL
Pony Says featuring: Ui-Kyung Lee / F / D / KOR
Beeatsz v5.01 (Drums + Electronics) / I

Sat 7th
Alice Kemp (Tower beside Städtischen Galerie) /
(Electronics) / GB
Theresa Riemann (Drum, Voice) / D
Willem de Ridder / NL
Alice Kemp (Tower beside Städtischen Galerie)
(Electronics) / GB
Terry Ex & Han Bennink (Guitar, Drums) / NL
BLO: Hilda Dianda (Electronics) / ARG
Bunte Truppe (Band: Ruth Maria Adam, Limpe Fuchs, Ronnie Oliveras, Ignatz Schick) / D
Horacio Pollard (Electronics) / UK

Sun 8th
Sentimentalist (Electronics) / D
BLO: Axel Dörner / D
Fritz Hauser (Drums) / CH
Tobias Hagedorn (Electronics) / D
Michael Barthel (Electronics) / D
Alice Kemp (Tower beside Städtischen Galerie)
(Electronics) / D
Kris Kuldkepp (Contrabass) / EE

A festival of the REM series of projektgruppe neue musik bremen e.V.
supported by the Musikfonds, the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation and the Senator for Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen