Queering Memory

Online Talk with Tobias Malcharzik

2021 Online Talk
Moderation: Aron Woldamlak
In German Language

Admission free via Zoom.

How can memories be narrated and staged without perpetuating the normative categories of gender, body and identity? How can the construction of one’s own biography be critically called into question and reinforced by queer narrative modes? Based on biographical experiences, Tobias Malcharzik deals with strategies of queering memory and narration cultures in his artistic work. His solo performance “Comeback” turns the reconstruction of a drag performance in the gym of an elementary school into a symbol of a queer childhood memory between fiction and reality. In a research project, Tobias uses the term “Paskudnik” to look back at his own family history and detect queer discourses. Fifty years on, Tobias traces the migration route of his family back to the Upper Silesian village of Maków to conjure “Paskudnik” as a memory-political and post-migrant drag figure. And in the current zine project “Zweitausend Kilometer pro Stunde auf der falschen Spur,” Tobias marks the twentieth anniversary of the Russian band t. A.T.u., dealing with songs such as “Nas Ne Dogonyat” and “All the Things She Said” and their identification offer between pop culture, queerness and post-East.

Using these and further works as examples, Aron Woldamlak talks with Tobias Malcharzik about the queer potentials lying in individual and collective memories and the artistic strategies with which they can be brought to light and explored.

Tobias Malcharzik studied applied cultural sciences in Hildesheim. His first solo performance COMEBACK created in collaboration with Charlotte Lauber and Laurin Thiesmeyer was invited to BEST OFF 2020 – Festival Freier Theater Niedersachsen, the Performing Art Festival Berlin 2020 (Hebbel am Ufer), the Körber Studio Junge Regie 2020, among others, and was recently shown at the Schwankhalle. Alongside his own theater practice, Tobias was a member of the curatorial team of directors of transeuropa2015 – European Festival for Performative Arts in Hildesheim. As a member of the dramaturgical department of the Schauspielhaus Bochum, he curated the club and discourse program #placetobetween (Eve Bar) from 2017-2018. Since 2018, Tobias has been a member of the “Initiative für Solidarität” that critically engages with theater structures and forms of solidarity. In September 2019, Tobias and several friends founded the DJ and club collective soft spot in Hannover, which searches for queer-feminist politics on and beside the dancefloor.