With Delia Ramos, Jasmin Schädler, Peter Röhm

New concert series


X-Changes is a newly founded event series for contemporary music, sound art, performance and adjoining disciplines. Young artists from the independent scenes in Bremen and Stuttgart are invited to organize evenings in the respective other city to present themselves and make connections. The series grasps itself as a platform for a generation of artists seeking alternatives to the established art business and to create the space for realizing their ideas and projects on their own. For this purpose, X-Changes seeks to be a free space for experimentation and simultaneously contribute to the creation of long-term connections and working structures.

Delia Ramos Rodríguez (violine)
Jasmin Schädler (performance, installation) www.jasmin-schaedler.com
Peter-Philipp Röhm (piano, keyboard, electronics)

An event by Projektgruppe Neue Musik (PGNM).