Eine Posaune im Schlauchboot
Monika Allesch

Katrin Hylla:
Bootsballett mit Blechmusik

Performance on the Werdersee

2022 season opening for free and outdoor
Admission free
Meeting point: Peter-Zadek-Platz (5.45 pm)
Duration: 45 Min

The performance will take place in the open air at the Werdersee / St. Pauli Deich behind the Schwankhalle. The audience space on top of the embankment is accessible for wheelchair users. The audience spaces on the meadow are only accessible by a descent on a bumpy terrain.

A group of stand-up paddlers glides over the water, their path crossed by a rowboat full of nose flutists. Just as a trumpet passes by in a fast Six, a tuba in a rubber boat enters the picture…On the occasion of the reopening of the Schwankhalle, we perform on Bremen’s nicest stage – the Werdersee. Neighbors, private paddlers, a rowboat club, enthusiastic trumpeters and other musicians have joined together to invent the as yet totally unknown genre of boat ballet. Under the direction of Katrin Hylla, a member of the Schwankhalle’s new direction team, a choreography is created for boats, paddles, arms, legs, trumpets, trombones and nose flutes. Of course, on the water.

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Concept & Direction: Katrin Hylla
Musical Direction & Composition: Mareike Hube und Ole Wulfers
Performance: Members of the Bremer Sportclub BSC, Katrin Wulfers, Axel Wulfers, Carlotta Zimmer, Jan Hollander, Steffi Klotz, Marion Bösen, Jakobus Durstewitz ↗, Uta Krause, Cécile Riaudel, Lars-Uve Schrader, Thomas Dumski, Felix Dreesen & Stephan Thierbach with their raft ›TREIBGUT‹, neighbours and musicians from Bremen
Production Manager: Sofie Ruffing

Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.
With many thanks to the Bremer Sportclub BSC and Kanuscheune Lilienthal ↗.