Ein Shantychor-Gruppenfoto
Olliver Rosteck

Ole Hübner:
ich bin da
im Shantychor

An evening for the Shanty Choir
with the Shanty Choir about the Shanty Choir

2022 season opening for free and outdoor
Admission free
On the Peter-Zadek-Platz
In case of bad weather inside!
Duration: 30 Min

The event will take place on the Peter-Zadek-Platz behind the Schwankhalle. The square is accessible at ground level. There is seating and standing room available for the audience.

Detailed information about the accessibility of our venue can be found here ↗. If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket@schwankhalle.de or 0421 520 80 70.

The composer Ole Hübner—who grew up in Bremerhaven, among other places, with shanties, sailors and container ships—pursues his fascination with maritime culture between seafarer romanticism and globalized reality. Together with the Neustädter Shanty-Chor, he explores the social structure of the choir that like hardly anything else appears to illustrate and sustain the tensional relationship between individual and mass. In living soundscapes, the choir merges to a single organism of sound. This is contrasted by the individual life stories of its members that were recorded during the two-year development process. The outcome is a highly personal portrait of the shanty choir in the immediate vicinity of the Schwankhalle—and a declaration of love to the sea. “Yes, I’m in the Shanty Choir” is the result of a collaboration between Ole Hübner and the Neustädter Shanty-Chor that emerged in the frame of the Bremer Composer Prize 2020 of the Landesmusikrat Bremen.

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Concept & Composition: Ole Hübner
With texts from interviews with members of the Neustadt Shanty Choir
Neustädter Shanty-Chor e.V., Direction: Coco Joura

Commissioned as part of the Bremen Composers‘ Prize 2020 by the Landesmusikrat Bremen e.V., with the kind support of the Senator für Kultur Bremen.